Pharyngeal high-resolution manometry in swallowing rehab
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Module 4 in the series "Current topics in dysphagia rehabilitation" learning program.
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Module 4 in the series "Current topics in dysphagia rehabilitation" learning program.

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This module will introduce participants to the basic technical aspects of pharyngeal manometry, including data collection and interpretation. We will explore the characteristics of healthy and impaired swallowing as seen on high-resolution manometry, and how this information can inform swallowing rehabilitation planning.

Upon successful completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Describe key features of healthy and impaired swallowing on pharyngeal high-resolution manometry.
  • Reflect on the role of pharyngeal high-resolution manometry in informing clinical reasoning and decision making.
  • Discuss the role of pharyngeal high-resolution manometry as a biofeedback tool and outcome measurement in swallowing rehabilitation.

A/Professor Sebastian Doeltgen 

Associate Professor Sebastian Doeltgen is lead of the Swallowing Neurorehabilitation Research Laboratory at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders University and a former NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow. 

Sebastian evaluates the effects of exercise and experimental brain stimulation on the neural and biomechanical substrates of swallowing and explores clinical reasoning and decision-making processes engaged during bedside swallowing assessment. He is passionate about the development, evaluation and dissemination of evidence-based interventions for use in real world rehabilitation settings. 

To date, he has published 70+ original research articles and contributed to several invited reviews and book chapters. Sebastian contributes internationally through his leadership roles in the Dysphagia Research Society and professional development courses and teaches neuroanatomy and dysphagia sciences to Speech Pathology students at Flinders University.

Professor Taher Omari

Professor Taher Omari is Swallowing Research Group lead at the Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute (FHMRI). He completed a PhD in Physiology in 1994 and is a national and international authority on dysphagia pathophysiology and diagnosis using high-resolution manometry.

As an institutional leader and educator, Prof Omari has improved delivery of swallowing assessment services and provided educational resources for clinicians. He is the creator and developer of the online analysis and communication web-application “Swallow Gateway” for HRM. He has over 200 publications.


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